Name:         Disk Image Contextual Menu Plugin

Version:      1.3

Released:     July 17, 1998

U.S. English System Software 8.1 and a PowerPC Mac OS compatible
computer. As with any Contextual Menu plugin, SOMobjects(TM) for
Mac OS is also required.

The DiskImageCMPlugin is a System Software 8.1 Contextual menu
addition that will mount disk images from a contextual menu. It will
optionally verify the checksum of the image. It does not require the
Disk Copy application to be present. The DiskImageCMPlugin can mount
all three types of NDIF (New Disk Image Format) disk images
(Read/Write, Read-Only, and Read-Only Compressed), Disk Copy 4.2 disk
images, as well as read DART and other disk image formats. The
DiskImageCMPlugin also supports segmented disk images. For complete
information, please see the information included with this software.

This software consists of a self-mounting Disk Copy compressed image
(.smi) file. Download this software to your hard drive and then
double-click it to use it. You do not need Disk Copy to access .smi