Name:         Disk Tools for Mac OS 8.1 PowerPC-based computers
Version:      n/a
Released:     January 18, 1997
US English Mac OS 8.1
This disk image is intended for use with Mac OS 8.1 and Mac OS
Extended file format. It is provided to you in the event that you
need to perform any troubleshooting and you do not have access to
the Mac OS 8.1 CD.

This software consists of a Disk Copy NDIF (New Disk Image
Format) compressed image, which requires Disk Copy 6.1 or
later to use. Download this software to your hard drive and
then double-click it to use it. Disk Copy is available in
the Utilities folder.

Disk Copy 6.1 (or later) or Disk Image Mounter 2.1 (or
later) from Apple are the recommended applications to access
all disk images released by Apple and are the only supported
applications to access NDIF disk images.