Name:        Drive Setup 

Version:     1.5

Released:    June 9, 1998

Mac OS versions 7.6, 7.6.1, 8.0 or 8.1. If you are using a version of
Mac OS prior to 7.6, it is not necessary to use Drive Setup 1.5 to
update your hard disk drive. Note that Drive Setup 1.5 was tested with
and is supported with U.S. English System 7.1.2 through U.S. English
Mac OS 8.1.

Drive Setup installs software (called a disk driver) that allows your
computer to communicate with the hard disk.  Use Drive Setup 1.5 to
update your disk driver or to reinitialize a disk. Version 1.5 adds
support for Power Macintosh G3 computers and fixes a bug where the
write cache on some ATA drives was disabled following a restart.
Please refer to the documentation included with with this software
for complete details.

This software consists of a self-mounting Disk Copy compressed
image (.smi) file. Download this software to your hard drive and
then double-click it to use it. You do not need Disk Copy to access
.smi files.