Copyright 1994 Apple Computer, Inc.

Name:              HyperCard IIGS 1.1
Version:           1.1
Date Released:     February 10, 1992
Description:       Apple's definitive multimedia kit is now part of the Apple
                   IIGS System Software suite.  This software requires the
                   following:   Apple IIGS, 1.5+ MB of RAM, hard disk, 3.5" disk 
                   drive, and System 5.0.4 or later.

HCIIGS 1.1-1of6.sea
HCIIGS 1.1-2of6.sea
HCIIGS 1.1-3of6.sea
HCIIGS 1.1-4of6.sea
HCIIGS 1.1-5of6.sea
HCIIGS 1.1-6of6.sea

The software posted here is available in the following format:

A Macintosh self-extracting archive (.sea) of a Disk Copy 800K ProDOS disk image.  To use,
download, double-click the downloaded file (this decompresses it), and use Disk Copy to
create a disk.

Disk Copy can be found in the Utilities folder posted here.

NOTE: ALL six disks are required in order to install HyperCard IIGS properly.