Name:         Open Transport 
Version:      1.1.2
Released:     December 13, 1996
Description:  Networking software for Mac OS-compatible
computers. For complete information, please see the
documents included with this software.

OT 1.1.2 consists of 4 disks:
Name as Posted        Actual Disk Name
OT 1.1.2-1of4.sea       Install 1
OT 1.1.2-2of4.sea       Install 2
OT 1.1.2-3of4.sea       Install 3
OT 1.1.2-4of4.sea       Install 4

This software is available in two formats (disk images and
"Net Install"):

1.  Four self-extracting archives of Disk Copy 1440K disk
images.  To use, download, double-click the downloaded file
(this decompresses it), and use Disk Copy to create the
disks.  Disk Copy can be found in the Utilities folder
posted here.

2.  A complete Open Transport 1.1.2 "Net Install", which
includes all software from all four Open Transport 1.1.2
disk images.  This posting is provided as a convenience for
those customers who:
- want to download just one file.
- want a pre-configured "Net Install" to place on their hard
drive or on a server.

You do not need to download the "Net Install" if you have
already downloaded the four separate disk images of
Open Transport 1.1.2.

From the Read Me included with this software:

What's new in Open Transport 1.1.2 - general
- Fixes a performance problem which only affects Print
Server Developers using native PAP.

- Introduces a change to TCP that should provide a minor
increase in Web servers reusing TCP connections.  Open
Transport will now unbind while the 2 minute disconnect
timer is expiring.

- Fixes a problem with the Open Transport serial STREAMS
module that could cause a crash.  The crash could result if
the modem was turned off, hung, or unresponsive while a
connection was attempted with OT/PPP.

- Fixes a problem where disconnecting with MacPPP 2.5.1
could cause a crash if QuickTime Conferencing was running
and waiting for connections.

- Includes minor modifications to improve performance,
compatibility and reliability.

System requirements
Open Transport is designed to work on Mac OS-compatible
computers with a Motorola 68030 or 68040 family
microprocessor, or a PowerPC microprocessor. Open Transport
is supported on system software versions 7.1, 7.1.1, 7.1.2,
7.5.3, 7.5.5 or later. System software version 7.5.3 or
later is recommended. No other system software versions are

Open Transport 1.1.2 can be used on the Performa and Power
Macintosh 52xx, 53xx, 62xx and 63xx product lines. When you
install OT1.1.2 on a 52xx, 53xx, 62xx and 63xx model you may
get a dialog box indicating a hardware issue was detected.
If this alert is displayed, Open Transport cannot be
installed or loaded until the Cache/ROM DIMM is replaced.
Your computer will continue to run classic networking. The
required repairs are covered under the Apple repair
extension program. Please contact an Apple-authorized
service provider to have your computer repaired.

Open Transport requires a minimum of 5 MB of RAM (68030 or
68040 computers) or 8 MB of RAM (PowerPC-based computers).
Open Transport memory requirements are based on total system
memory including virtual memory, minus the size of any RAM
disk and disk cache you're using.

Network interface options
Open Transport 1.1.2 supports PCI bus, NuBus, communications
slot, and PC Card network interface cards, as well as
built-in LocalTalk, Ethernet, and Token Ring network
adapters. For supported computers without expansion options,
Open Transport 1.1.2 also supports a SCSI-attached network
adapter. Third party network interface options available for
Open Transport include Fast Ethernet, ATM, and FDDI.

Before you install Open Transport 1.1.2
- Read the section "Known limitations and other issues"
below to make sure Open Transport 1.1.2 will work on your

- Make backup copies of the software and documents on your
hard disk (especially your System Folder) before installing
this software.

- For best results, you should install Open Transport 1.1.2
over Open Transport 1.1 or Open Transport 1.1.1, but not
over any beta version of Open Transport.

- Turn on only those extensions installed with your system
software. (Open the Extensions Manager control panel and
select System 7.5.3 or 7.5.5 from the Sets pop-up menu, then
restart your computer.)  Do not turn off all extensions
before installing Open Transport.

- Performa and Power Macintosh 52xx, 53xx, 62xx and 63xx
models using System 7.5.3 or later can install Open
Transport 1.1.2 directly. Other supported systems must
install Open Transport 1.1 or have Open Transport 1.1.1 on
system software version 7.1, 7.1.1, 7.1.2 , 7.5.3, or 7.5.5
before updating to Open Transport 1.1.2.

- If you use SLIP or PPP software to access the Internet,
verify that your SLIP or PPP software is compatible with
Open Transport. See the section under "Dialup network
connectivity - TCP/IP."

- When Open Transport is installed, the Network control
panel is replaced by the AppleTalk configuration utility
program. The MacTCP control panel is replaced by the TCP/IP
configuration utility program. Both AppleTalk and TCP/IP are
located in the Control Panels folder. For simplicity and
consistency, user documentation generally refers to
AppleTalk and TCP/IP as "control panels" even though
technically they are utility programs.

- You should download a copy of System 7.5 Update 2.0 to
your hard disk or have a copy of the Open Transport 1.1
retail package or Open Transport 1.1.1 Internet GM package
available. This will give you the software to reinstall Open
Transport 1.1 or Open Transport 1.1.1 in case you decide to
remove Open Transport 1.1.2.

For additional information, see the documents included with this