Name:         OpenDoc(TM)
Version:      1.2.1
Released:     September 12, 1997
US Mac OS 8.0 or later
A new plug-in software architecture that lets you extend the
usefulness of your applications by easily adding new
functionality. Uses software components--called parts--that
can be dragged-and-dropped into documents created by any
OpenDoc-aware application. You can combine parts from
different Mac OS software developers to add tables, graphs,
outlines, and even live Internet resources into your
documents.  Since OpenDoc is a cross-platform technology,
documents created with OpenDoc can work across different
computer platforms, including Mac OS, Windows, UNIX, and
OS/2. OpenDoc 1.2.1 includes all the improvements in OpenDoc
1.2, as well as support for Mac OS 8.0.

This software consists of one Disk Copy NDIF (New Disk Image
Format) compressed image, which requires Disk Copy 6.1 or
later to use. Download this software to your hard drive and
then double-click it to use it. Disk Copy is available in
the Utilities folder.

Disk Copy 6.1 (or later) or Disk Image Mounter 2.1 (or
later) from Apple are the recommended applications to access
all disk images released by Apple and are the only supported
applications to access NDIF disk images.

From the Read Me included with this software:

What does OpenDoc install?

Installing OpenDoc adds the following items to your

* OpenDoc system software (in the Extensions folder)

* the Editors folder (in the System Folder)

* the Stationery folder (at the root level of your hard

OpenDoc system software

After you install OpenDoc system software, your computer is
ready to use OpenDoc parts and OpenDoc-aware applications
from popular Mac OS software developers. 

The Editors folder

When you install OpenDoc parts, the part editors are placed
in the Editors folder. Editors are like mini-applications
that handle different types of data, such as text, graphics,
or Internet information. Once an editor is installed, it
works something like a system extension--its functionality
is available but you don't open or use the editor itself. To
use an editor, you need to locate the editor's stationery
(in the Stationery folder on the root level of your hard

IMPORTANT  All of your OpenDoc editors should be located in
the Editors folder (inside the System Folder). Otherwise,
OpenDoc will not be able to locate the editors.

The Stationery folder

When you install an OpenDoc part, part stationery is placed
in the Stationery folder. You can either double-click an
editor's stationery to create a new document with the editor
or drag the stationery into another document to add the
editor's functionality to any OpenDoc-aware application or
document. OpenDoc stationery can be placed anywhere in your
system. You do not have to leave it in the Stationery

Where can I get more information?

For more information about OpenDoc and developers who are
producing OpenDoc-aware software, look on the World Wide Web