Name:         QuickDraw(TM)  3D
Version:      1.5.3
Released:     September 4, 1997
Mac OS System 7.1.2 or later, a PowerPC-based computer
with at least 16 MB of RAM.
QuickDraw 3D enables your computer to display
three-dimensional graphics using applications designed to
take advantage of QuickDraw 3D. It also provides a common
file format, called QuickDraw 3D Metafile (or 3DMF for
short), for exchanging 3D documents.  QuickDraw 3D also
provides acceleration services which support plug-and-play
accelerator cards. Version 1.5.3 contains miscellaneous bug
fixes and optimizations.

This software consists of a Disk Copy NDIF (New Disk Image
Format) compressed image, which requires Disk Copy 6.1 or
later to use. Download this software to your hard drive and
then double-click it to use it. Disk Copy is available in
the Utilities folder.

Disk Copy 6.1 (or later) or Disk Image Mounter 2.1 (or
later) from Apple are the recommended applications to access
all disk images released by Apple and are the only supported
applications to access NDIF disk images.

Important Information About QuickDraw3D

The latest version of QuickDraw 3D, along with software
demos, QuickDraw 3D Metafiles, and additional information is
available through the Internet at the following site:

Using QuickDraw 3D

The QuickDraw 3D folder includes the following applications,
3D models, and textures that allow you to explore the 3D
capabilities of your computer:

* SimpleText version 1.4 and Scrapbook version 7.5.2. These
applications allow you to open and interact with 3DMF

* A new Scrapbook File with sample 3DMF models.

* A number of 3DMF models provided by Model Masters
(, Plastic Thought, Inc.
(, Viewpoint DataLabs International
(, and Zygote (

If you are using a localized system, and you install this
U.S. software, you will need to copy the Scrapbook File in
the QuickDraw 3D Folder to the System Folder on your
computer. Otherwise, when you choose Scrapbook from the Apple
menu, you will get an empty scrapbook. Note that this
operation will replace any existing Scrapbook File in the
System Folder, thus erasing any previously stored contents.

What's New In 1.5.3?

This software contains fixes to the following bugs:
- Clipping errors in the wireframe and interactiver renderers
- A picking error in which a window point pick sometimes missed
- Clip regions and SetOrigin() calls were ignored and panes had
  to be entirely contained inside the window.
- When using RAVE, asynchronous engines no longer draw over
  windows and menus.
- Crashing when MoviePlayer opens a movie with 3D track.
- Viewer errors including: undesirable re-rendering when
  using non-interactive renderers, failure to display control
  buttons when using 8 bit mode, Offscreen non erasure using
  8-bit mode, using 8-bit mode internal state not changing,
  using SimpleText and not being able to select text when 3DMF
  open, non-use of clear image color read from ViewHints,
  displayed images would brighten and dim when using
  SimpleText, and SimpleText Balloon Help redraw problem.
- Error messages not readable in MacsBug
- Missing CCI™ resources for QuickDraw 3D components
- Erroneous method prototype definitions were updated

This software contains the following enhancements:
- Optimized mesh, cylinder and draw context performance
- Added specific custom icons and icon definitions
- Removed obsolete routines and identifiers
- Added ability to weak link against the QD3D Windows DLLs.