Rename Rescue (1.0)

Copyright 1993-1994 Apple Computer, Inc.

Who Needs It

If you are a System 7.0 user and are having trouble renaming your hard disk or a folder, you may need Rename Rescue.  The problem was corrected in System 7.0.1 and later.

What It Is

Rename Rescue is a small application that unlocks the name of folders and volumes.

How To Use It

If file sharing is on, turn it off.

From the Finder, select the items that need to be unlocked and drag them onto the Rename Rescue icon.  You may select one or many items at a time.  The Finder will automatically highlight Rename RescueUs icon.  If Rename Rescue was not already started, it will open at this time, attempt to unlock, present a dialog for each item reporting the results, and automatically quit.

The possible results are:

	- The item can not be renamed because it is being shared.
	- The item can not be renamed because it is a System reserved folder.
	- The item was already renameable.
	- The item is now renameable.

After Rename Rescue unlocks the items, you should restart your Macintosh so the Finder will recognize the change.

Technical Information (or how they get locked in the first place)

The names of folders or volumes may get inadvertently locked on a computer running System 7.0.  For this to happen, several things must occur.  Unless all of these things have occurred, you will probably not need Rename Rescue.

	- The volume or folder is (or was) used on a drive connected to a computer running System 7.0 (the problem is corrected in System 7.0.1 and newer).
	- The volume or folder was shared with a computer running System 6.x (all versions of System 6) and the connection was unexpectedly interrupted (power failure, crash, or improper shutdown).
	- Upon restart, the volume and/or folder on the System 7.0 computer may not be renameable.