Name:         System 7 Tune-Up
Version:      1.1.1
Released:     1992
Requires:     System Software 7.0 or 7.0.1
System 7 Tune-Up is a set of software enhancements for System 7.0 and
7.0.1. Once you have installed the System 7 Tune-Up software, you will
notice that memory is managed better, printing is faster and more
reliable, there is more memory available for application programs on
computers that are not connected to a network,  future occurrences of
the "disappearing folders and files" problem are prevented. For complete
information, please see the Read me included with this software.

This software consists of a self-extracting archive of a Disk Copy 800k
disk image, which requires Disk Copy 4.2 or later to use. Download this
software to your hard drive and then double-click it to use it. Disk
Copy is available in the Utilities folder.