Name:         System 7.5 Version 7.5.3

Version:      n/a

Released:     January 30, 1999 ( Edit: This date is not accurate)

System 7.5.3 requires an Apple Macintosh or PowerBook computer with at
least 4MB of RAM. Note: newer Macintosh and PowerBook computers
require versions of System software higher than version 7.5.3 in order
to operate. See TIL article 8970 for information on which CPUs support
System 7.5.3.

This is the North American English version of System 7.5 version
7.5.3, which includes the following system updates: System 7.5 Update
2.0 and System 7.5.3 Revision 2. For further information on System
7.5.3, please consult the Technical Information Library.

This software is available as 19 parts of a self-mounting Disk Copy
image. Download all 19 parts to your hard drive and then double-click
on the first part to mount the compressed disk image on your desktop.

Note that self-mounting Disk Images require Mac OS version 7.0.1 or
later. If you are using a version of Mac OS prior to this, you can
download the System 7.5 Network Access floppy disk and boot your
Macintosh from that to use this software.