EtherTech Installation Notes

Date:		2/26/97
Release:	1.5

Release Notes: The EtherTech Installer is a universal installer. It will install the necessary software for the following Newer Technology products:

1. Ethernet MicroDock - Ethernet 10baseT support for all PowerBook Duos.
2. UltraDock SCE - Ethernet 10baseT support for the all in one docking station for all PowerBook Duos.
3. EtherTech C10 - Ethernet 10baseT support for any Mac equipped with a Communications slot (comm slot).
4. EtherTech L10 - Ethernet 10baseT support for any Mac equipped with a LC style 030 PDS.
5. EtherTech N10 - Ethernet 10baseT support for any Mac equipped with NuBus architecture.
6. EtherTech P10 - Ethernet 10baseT support for any Mac with PC card support.
7. EtherTech PB10 - Ethernet 10baseT support for the PowerBook 1400.

**ATTENTION DUO OWNERS: If you are installing the ethernet software from your hard disk, the folder must be named "EtherTech Installer". Otherwise, it will prompt you for the disk.

Quickstart guide and Last Minute Additions

1. Double Click on the Install Script and click the "Continue" button when the splash screen appears.

2. Select "Custom Install" from the pop-up menu.

3. Select from the list, the Newer Technology product(s) for which you are installing software.

4. Click the "Install" button. After installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart you Mac.

5. After restarting your Mac, go to the Network control panel (or AppleTalk control panel if using Open Transport), and select EtherTalk. A dialog box will warn you that switching to EtherTalk will cause you to lose your AppleTalk services. Click "OK", and when you now go to the Chooser, you should see any servers or printers that are available on the ethernet network.

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